since 1984

Private French Courses in Montreal

A certified educational institution
(Québec 93-03-0563)
whose mission is to offer French and English language courses to those who wish to acquire or improve their language skills in the workplace.

Flexible Hours

Opt for a fixed schedule or make convenient apppointments as you go along. Day, evening and weekend courses are offered throughout the year.

Personalized Courses

A dynamic, individualized approach helps you to master key structures 5 to 10 times faster and more efficiently than in group sessions. Your course is geared toward you specific objectives. Hone your written and conversational skills. Detailed feedback quickly flags your weaknesses. See your progress right from the start.

Placement Test

This finely-tuned tool is used to diagnose problems and define what you need to improve for an optimal learning experience.


The method based on accepted learning principles and hands-on experience gleaned from hundres of second language learners has proven to be particularly effective. A step-by-step modular approach delivers immediate results. You will be given a course outline defining your language needs and objectives based on the results of your placement test. Friendly one-on-one teaching and multimedia learning ensure your lessons will be as rewarding as they are enjoyable.


A number of techniques are used to give you an edge: multimedia-based sytemic-communicative approach, Gestalt learning, direct method, grammar, conversaion, writing, stylistics, translation and structured practice.

Traditional Material

Learn even faster with the modular manual (sold separately) that has been custom-designed to shorten your learning curve. This comprehensive learning aid covers key issues and is filled with clear explanations and numerous exercises.

Multimedia Learning

Learning is both a joy and a breeze with interactive software that gives you total control. Set your own pace. Get immediate feedback (corrections, detailed explanations and objective testing). The latest learning tools can offer a 600% improvement over traditional courses. Assimilate targeted structures and master pronuncation effortlessly. Build the reflexes you need to speak well and with confidence. Don't wait. Get quick results so you can put your new skills to work right away.

Pedagogical Ressources and Library

Powerful, cutting-edge learning material, user-friendly interactive courseware.
Full reference library and terminology databanks.
Other services: translation, editing, authoring, technical writing, CALL R&D

Call for details: 514 939 6362.

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